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tv   Campbell Brown  CNN  July 15, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> who are you supposed to be meeting with right now? >> my boss got the earlier train. i am taking the later train, so i don't have to talk to him all the way home. >> hopefully he doesn't watch this. >> take a long bathroom break, sir? >> i didn't take a long break. >> hold on a second. awe all. sa. >> john, get out from under the desk. they're chanting your name. get out from under the desk. john, i was hiding. >> pete, go run and hide. see you tomorrow. all the time tonight. stay on top of the bp spill. see you tomorrow. and "campbell brown" starts right now. hi there, everybody. breaking news coming out of the gulf tonight. for the first time in 87 days we can finally say there is no oil flowing into the gulf at this moment anyway. yes is is a moment we have all been waiting for. but no it does not mean the disaster in the gulf is anywhere near close to over.
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and right now, we are approaching a critical moment. sometime in the next hour we expect the first formal review by bp and government officials. the thing everybody is watching, pressure readings in the well. that is going to tell us how well the cap appears to be holding. we're going to give you the latest on that coming up just ahead. we'll also check in with anderson cooper down in new orleans throughout most of the story. and then a little bit later one woman's heartwrenching plea to president obama. she wants the president help save her family and her neighbors in the gulf. we'll have that for you as well. a lot to get to. we are focusing on our number one story, of course, the good news tonight about the oil flow in the gulf. after 87 days, and up to 24 million gallons, it was no easy job to finally stop it. jessica yellin lays out just how they did it today. take a look. >> reporter: the first picture is at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. this is when they close the kill line but there was still more to
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go. next picture you see is at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. that's when they close the choke line. that last valve, bp said in a tweet, at this time, we did, we did it a half turn at a time so that we slowly, slowly closed the well. now once that was complete at 3:25 p.m. eastern. that's when we saw the amazing image, no oil coming out of the well. and that is when bp began what they have been calling integrity test. they're now measuring to make sure the pressure stays high in the well. if it drops that basically means there is a like some place. they will need to find. and this test is expected to last at least a few more hours, it could go for as long as two days. >> that again was jessica yellin. sclerly a major turning point in this horrible story. we have got to emphasize it is a test. what we learn now could tell us whether it is the disaster in the gulf is finally nearing an end. and listen now to what, bps doug subtle said today right after the flow of oil into the gulf
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was stopped this afternoon. here he is. >> i made a comment quite some time ago that when that day happened i would do cartwheels. they're telling me maybe soon. too soon to say that. i want to tell you that this its a test. >> as we were saying, and cnn's reporter is live with us from new orleans on the latest of what happened. ed, we are coming up on the end of the first six hour mark of testing of the well. scientists probably huddling as we speak to try to assess how it is going and make some decisions here what can you tell us at this hour? >> well, we do know that basically, we were told to describe the next 48 hours and break them into six hour blocks. after each of the six-hour windows that all the scientists would huddle and they have been analyzing 'round-the-clock the pressure and the fluctuations and the pressure measuring, you know, hour by hour to see what kind of consistency they're getting. the question here is whether or
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not they can sustain in keeping this containment cap in place, working the way it is. the longer this goes, the better sign that there is no structural damage or -- to that well bore going deep into the earth. >> when are we out of the woods. what happens over the next couple days? >> this is what is going to happen. after 48 hours if they've can go that long, then they need to make the decision about how they're going to move forward. there is a couple different ways of doing that. but, late this afternoon, admiral thad allen put out a statement, saying, the scenario, i think he mentioned this, this morning as well. seems the most likely scenario that we will see is that the valves will be opened again. oil will start flowing. then they will begin the process of -- of hooking back up the riser pipes natd withat will co of four valves, machinery on the gulf. bring that to vessels on the surface of the water. achieving the same thing. ending the flow rate into the gulf waters. kind of doing it a different
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way. they say they will have vessels ability to collect 80,000 barrels of oil a day. the government's flow rate estimate is up to 60,000 barrels a day. because of that they say they'll have enough capacity to collect all of the oil. and we wouldn't see any more flowing into the gulf of mexico. >> ed lavendaro for us. with no more oil flowing into the gulf, can we begin to feel optimistic about this. i'll bring in john hofmeister, former chairman of shell oil, and also historian doug brinkley with us from the very be finbeg of all this. doug, the number of times you have been on the show, calling out the administration and bp for how they're handling the crisis. how are you feeling about this? >> the first time we can celebrate but be optimistic. an exciting event taking place. many people thought the best case scenario was going to be
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relief wells, late august, early september. if we could save a month or five weeks of oil, stop it from gushing into the gulf, it gives us a better fighting chance to kind of reclaim that region. but as the you mentioned, campbell, this is just a beginning of a process. we have got a lot of bad things that can continue to happen. but i think for tonight, the first time, since the deep water horizon incident that people can say today was a better day than the day before. >> certainly was. john, let me get your technical expertise here. doug subtle spoke earlier this evening and said, we have turned a corner. listen briefly twhut he said. >> we could be very close, through this activity or the relief wells to the point where i think, everyone feels like we have begun to turn a corner and important corner. >> have we? do you agree with that? >> i think it is an important step forward. it took a long time to engineer the new cap. that's why it didn't happen
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sooner. because of engineering modifications that had to take place. there is a clear orchestration taking place, campbell, between the control of the flow at the top of the well, simultaneous with the positioning of the relief well activity at the base of the reservoir. i think it is very important to keep those two things coordinated because what we are dealing with here, we believe, is a very weak casing. a casing that has perhaps been damaged. what you don't want is for the pressure to rise too high at the top of the well which could do damage at the top of the well meaning we have to move too quickly at the bottom of the well. but both things being orchestrated i think does give some hope that we have a chance of controlling the flow otherwise we probably need to just figure out how to appropriate deuce the well. a -- produce the well. >> i want you to go deeper on this. heard a couple people talk about this. being described as a worst case scenario in terms of what
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scientists are worried about. this is a very delicate moment isn't it? >> it is a very delicate moment. this is a very high pressure reservoir. it has been eroding this casing. first you had the big blowout, this sudden surge of incredible pressure going against, against the sides of this steel casing. it could have been damaged. it could have been weakened. remember, steel has a breaking point. and the worry here is that the breaking point of the casing -- nobody really knows what that its. but you don't want to break that casing or you have an uncontrolled flow that there is no way to stop because the oil now comes up outside the casing as well as inside the casing. and, so they have to be very, very delicate about every step they take. >> so, so, let me just take it one step further if i can with you, john. before i go back to doug. if that happens, what you just laid out, then what? >> well then you better count on the relief wells working or you had better figure out how you
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are going to implode the well. an alternative before you get to that point though is you could decide just to plain out produce the well and just continue to try to control the flow of oil and drain the reservoir over many months and years and use that oil for productive purposes. >> wow. it is -- doug, hardly, i guess a moment of celebration given that context. and let me take it even broader in the grand scheme of things, the relief wells still being dug. heard the scenario john laid out. clean-up alone could take years. clearly years. how do you describe the stage we are in right now? >> we're in mid course of this disaster. what's really changed the obama administration was kind of caught off-guard, if you recall in the first weeks. it was a bp problem. they did their jump shot. and the containment. and their cap. it was all the petroleum industry's technology to try to solve the problem.
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the obama administration came in strong at one juncture. department of energy. president obama brought in the best petroleum engineers and scientists and minds of the world to confront what was an, and is a national security problem, not a bp problem, not a company's problem but an american problem. and you are getting some results here. you know if you look at the history of warfare, world war ii, so many advancements in technology come at a time of crisis. president obama addressed the nation from the oval office and gave kind of a war time speech and said we are going to attack this problem. you are seeing the fruition of our government's attacking of the problem. it's just that it takes a while. and we're keeping our fingers crossed. but as i said this is a bit of good news. we don't have time yet, though, campbell to look at how much damage did the dispersants do. what is the state of the louisiana wetlands. why isn't bp right now paying for the oil that spilled.
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they're behind monies that they're supposed to be paying the government and the interior department, tomorrow, going to be talking about that a lot. there are a lot of issues still on the table the but tonight we can all take at least a sigh of relief and not have to watch half of our screen right now being that oil gusher. >> absolutely. doug brinkley, as always appreciate your time. john hofmeister, thank you both of you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> folks, don't go anywhere. could be an important hour, as we hope to learn if the cap will keep holding. it has been nearly five hours since oil last emptied into the gulf. anderson cooper will join me live from new orleans coming up next.
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as you can see for the first time in 87 days, oil no longer flowing into the gulf. certainly very good news. even if the cap does continue working people in this region will have an overwhelming catastrophe on their hands for a very, very long time. i want to go to my colleague, anderson cooper on the ground in new orleans through much of all of this. anderson, obviously, development today. very welcome news. people down there have good reason to be still very uncertain about the future. and i know you talked to a lot of people locally. what are they telling you? >> well, number one today. a lot of people are relieved to see the images as we all are. i think a lot of people are concerned the attention now, people around the country and around the world are going to kind of tune out. they're going to say, well, look the oil stopped flowing. the problem is over. not continue to pay attention or hold bp accountable. a huge concern of people i talked to today. over the last couple weeks we talked to a lot of fishermen.
8:15 pm
oyster farmers, shrimpers, their long term concerns about dispersants used and where the oil is still. remember there is still, more than two month's worth of oil still out there coming ashore, popping up in different areasch i talked to an oysterman recently on the watter about his concerns for what is underneath the water. listen. mitch worries this disaster could not only wipe out the current crop of oysters but the next generation as well. >> we know oil will impact oysters if it gets on the oysters. most of the time, oil will be on top of the water. if it doesn't come in contact with the oysters, oysters stand a good chance of survival. if it is dispersed in the way it is being dispersed and winds up throughout the water column, oysters can ingest it. that is the big question mark. will it have an impact? yes. to what extent? we don't know. that of course is a concern, mitch and other oyster farmers have. we reached out to him to get his
8:16 pm
reaction to the stop, stopping of the oil pouring out. he said, look, a new beginning. at least we know at this point. and qualified statement. but for now, no oil is pouring out and that is certainly a good thing. he is also very concerned about the impression people have around the country that some people -- the gulf seafood has been tainted. and, there is no evidence of that at this point. the seafood that is still available. its edible. i'm eating it every day. so is everyone here. a lot of concern. a long road still to go, campbell. >> anderson, even if the cap holds, the oil stops for good, you are hinting at this, the long-term damage to the region is a major issues for years, possibly irreversible damage that has been done here. talk to us a little bit about the scope of the clean-up ahead. what needs to be done. whether people are really able to think that far ahead at this stage? >> i think the bottom line is we don't know what the full scope of all of this is. there is a lot of fear. a lot of concern.
8:17 pm
but we are kind of in unchartered territory here. never seen dispersants used in this quantity, used underneath the water as they have been. the first time that's occurred. we don't know what exactly that means. a lot of the oil we haven't seen on the surface, perhaps because of these, undersea dispersants used. but that oil is still out there, will it just be churned up and disappear, where microbes are growing, will they attack the oil under the water and deal with it naturally. it is possible. but there are still so many questions unanswered. that leads to a lot of concern, a lot of fear a. but what lies had. >> anderson cooper for us tonight. anderson, as always, thank you. we are going to stay on the story throughout the hour. plus you will hear one woman's emotional plea to president obama. she says there is something that he could be doing right now to try to make things better for families on the gulf. plus we'll look at how the layest news is playing mritdically for the presidenmr d
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the halting of the oil spill for however long is much needed good news for residents along the gulf. but it is nowhere close to making things right again for victims of the disaster. who have lost their jobs, they way of life and in many cases their faith in our government tucht d today on cnn, we heard a plea from one wife to president obama. listen to what she said. >> i put my faith in you sir when i vote ford you. i believed in you. i believed that you cared about me and my family. well now i have six children sir that i don't know if i'll get to
8:21 pm
college. i don't think my children are less important than anybody else in this country. that's the way democracy is supposed to be. on july 21st, i am going to speak in lafayette, louisiana, i am going to bring all my people with me. i am asking you, sir as a patriot and as an honorable person to come and hear our stories and hear the pain that we are in. we are crying out to you, louisiana is crying out to you, we need your help. afterwards i would like to take you on a tour. i don't want any politicians to go with us the i don't want no press, no cameras, no bp personnel. i will let you meet the people that this is a fekting, sir. >> that woman, we wanted to talk to her more, good enough to join me tonight. welcome to you. i do want to start. >> thank you. >> by getting your reaction, to today's big news that at least the flow of oil into the gulf has stopped. what does that mean to you and the rest of the families down there? >> i think that is great.
8:22 pm
i am happy that it finally happened after 84 days and 11 deaths and millions of animals murdered and god only knows how many more people affect ed it is not over until there is not one drop of oil in my gulf. they can take the dispersants. don't want to say where they can take them. >> you, a lot of people have had heard you. have heard your message. do you, do you expect to hear from the white house? do you expect to hear from the president? >> if he is an honorable man he will call me. i will put my faith in him. i gave him the only thing a poor person has, is a vote. and i expect to be answered. if he doesn't do that we'll know. we can all grieve. because america is dead. the america that john adams dreamed up, when he said, that noblemen were just as important as the small man, when he said we deserve clean air, we deserve clothes on our back, it's gone.
8:23 pm
>> so, cherri, i know your husband lost a lot of income because of the spill. do you blame that on the spill itself or as a lot of people do right now, because you are hearing a lot of folks talking about the moratorium on new deep water drilling and the effect that had on the industry that is the lifeblood to a lot of people in louisiana? >> well the president told me, and everybody else, to call bp. he said they set aside $20 million for us. i have called them ten times. i have talked to our governorch he has called them. the work force commission of louisiana has called them. the social services of louisiana has called them. nick gotrow, our state senator has called them for me. i have yet to hear from bp. what i have heard is they're not going to pay on the smaller oil services which is where my husband works. i have heard that the people that work on the actual rigs are going to get one payment of $5,000. well to date i have lost
8:24 pm
$16,000. all i'm asking for is to be heard. when he puts us down, because he is about to pull the plug on all my people, in my, in my town of rain, we lost 142 people lost their electricity because they couldn't pay it. that's 10% of my population. this is the beginning. when heap puts us down i want him to look me in the eye, look me in the eye and still pull the trigger i guess it is all right. >> cherri, let me ask you to be specific. what would you like to see him do, honestly? >> honestly, i want him to come listen to us. i want him to really understand how this is affecting us. i want, more than anything, my children to know i fought with everything i had, every single thing i have not to lose not one more time. and then i want to take him to the good people in the gulf, because i have been there and i have talked to them and they're my friends. i want him to get the chance to talk to them and see what bp is doing to us. i want him to understand, i want him to, to show faith in us.
8:25 pm
i want to be able to show faith in him again. and in the government again. this its what the government is for. they're supposed to take care of us. and they're letting us down. not just the oil workers, the fishermen, the crabbers, the oystermen, the shrimpers, all of the people of south louisiana. and alabama and mississippi and florida and texas, 4 million people strong, crying out. what do we get? we get lies, we get commissions, we get meetings, we get hearings. well for god's sake, jesus did not hold a commission about the lepers he went out and helped them. that's what i'm asking him to do. if he says he is a christian. stand up like a christian, come help us. >> cherri, i really appreciate you coming on. i know your e speaks to what a lot of people are feeling. >> i am fighting for survival. fighting for survival.
8:26 pm
for my state and my people. and there is a whole bunch of us. we are in a lot, lot of trouble. i do not think the country understands this. if they did, they wouldn't let it happen. >> cherri. really appreciate you coming on. and talking with us about this tonight. thank you for being with us. i wish you the best of luck, too. we'll see what happens. cherri foytlin joining us from louisiana. we will keep you fully informed on the latest in the gulf of mexico. we will be following this throughout the hour. as you can see we'll put the pictures back up at least for this moment. no oil gushing from the well, but it is only a test, we could know more later in the hour. will good news from the gulf translate to a lift for the obama administration. james car vil and ed rollins are here to talk about the politics of it all when we come back. mike rowe: today's story from the ford model
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to the news that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf. take a listen to what he said earlier. >> sir, are you encouraged the oil stopped flowing in the gulf? >> i think it is a positive sign. we are still in the testing phasech i will have more to say about it tomorrow. >> all right, a very cautious note of optimism there. it is good news today. the nearly three-month-old disaster has been called by many, many, president obama's katrina. how does he get past this? does this have the same political, we talked with james carville and senior political columnist, ed rollins. welcome to both of you. james, let me start with you and the big news of the day, of course, no more oil liking in the gulf. talk to me about the politics, the political toll it has taken on the president. >> the response has gotten better, here in the last 45 days or so. and you know it's good news that they got this thing shot,
8:30 pm
initial response, i think was lacking. but, it, it, it got better. and you know, it is shut we can be thankful for that. hopefully it stays shut. >> ed, again to the politics of it though. people, you look at the polling on this, do think this has been a huge problem for the administration in terms of how is has been handled. to james'.is this a turning point for him as well as -- >> the problem it was a cumulative type thing. if unemployment was at 4% maybe he could have handled this. culmination of things that aren't necessarily his own fault. but i think the country now, base like has made a junkment, not a permanent judgment, but a judgment this administration wasn't in there early enough didn't do all they can do. perception some times becomes reale. with four months to go, this president's approval numbers have dropped dramatically that will have an impact on his party. >> james, they are about, according to "washington post"/abc news poll, an all time low. 50% his overall approval rating.
8:31 pm
look at what he accomplished, his first 18 months in office, health care reform, financial regulatory reform bill done just now. these are big deal changes. and yet, it's not resonating with voters for some reason. where is the disconnect? >> well, the, first, if historians could vote he would do fine. there is 9.5% unemployment. this administration gets a lot of things done. i think they could do a better job of driving a narrative home. but, the reality is, that, you have a financial crisis like this, it takes a while for the economy to come back. that's what is going on here now. >> ed, before the financial reform bill passed, the number was 44% of voters who approved of his handling of that issue in particular. do you think the new regulations will win a point? >> the country doesn't approve of the health care bill. they've won't know if it is good, bad, indifferent. the majority of the country doesn't like it. any doctor, any hospital, tell
8:32 pm
you it is not a good bill. equally imporn, the number being spent, deficits are gigantic. 2,500-page bill. 3,500 regulations come out of the bill. the banks aren't happy. may be a good sign. business people are saying this is not going to help us get back in the game again. i think everything is the economy right now. so the president has got to, not going to come back, if ever, until the economy is booming. what happened to him, the country. he could not quite live up to the expectations people had of him as a leader. right today the number taking him down. >> i thought that the ama endorsed it, ama endorsed it, hospital associations, catholic hospital -- >> constituent groups. you go to your doctor. >> any number of doctors have tremendous support. >> let me ask you, finally, both, talk about his relationship with congress. because he, his inner circle also fairly unpopular with some
8:33 pm
members of congress now. we know nancy pelosi was furious when robert gibbs conceded it was possible republicans could win the house in november. what does the administration need to do to mend that rift to convince some pretty frantic democrats that the president has their back? >> you know what? when you are not doing well in the polls everybody gets mad at everybody. i love the speaker, she is one of my favorite people in the world. i think gibbs, did strategically a smart thing. you have got to remind people, when you vote you are not sending a message, you are sending a republican to washington. and for whatever the democrats problem is on the economy, their eight points ahead of the republicans. i think gibbs did something smart. you got to remind people exactly that you are voting republican. republicans, are no more popular -- today than they were on election day. so i think, i think the speaker, who, i love, i think, i side
8:34 pm
with mr. gibbs in this fight. >> there is a lot of, democrats have walked the line. not a national election. election district by district, senate seat by senate seat. bottom line, a lot of people who walked the line are in trouble. they don't think the white house understood the price they have paid. and will find out in november. >> some have suggested the republican takeover actually might be good in a sense for obama in that he is sort of forced to work with the republicans. >> if he is willing to do that as bill clinton was. he may not be willing to do that. >> james carville, ed rollins, thank you both of you gentlemen. >> after nearly three months. the oil spill is plugged at least for now. how long will it last? the latest coming up. faith, finance, fraud, how two money men used faith, god and the raidy dio to take $190 mill from over 1,000 people. crest rinse makes the difference. so be ready for
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the vatican announces new rules aimed at stopping child abuse. joe johns here with other stories tonight to tell us about. hey, joe. >> hey, campbell. tonight as we have been reporting, oiled stopped flowing into the gulf for the first time in nearly three months. but no one celebrating just yet. as part of a test, bp measures pressure in the ruptured well, to see how it is holding. bp cautioned, the oil cut off may not go beyond 48 hours. valves will open after that to resume siphoning oil to ships on the surface. investigators in utah today said they found evidence a state database was breached to create a list of illegal immigrants. the list includes social security numbers, birth dates. names of children and the due dates of pregnant women. news media and law enforcement
8:38 pm
agencies started receiving the personal information this week. the anonymous mailing demands that those on the list be deported. releasing private records in utah is a crime. and finally, an amazing discovery at the world trade center site. it is the remains of a ship dating back to the 1700s. archaeologists believe the ship's hull was probably used to fill in land to extend lower manhattan. the vessel remained undiscovered when the original world trade center was built. certainly makes you wonder what else is down there? >> no kidding. joe johns, thank you, joe. appreciate it. take a look now at live video that is of a well that is not gushing oil. but for how long? we'll keep you updated on what is going on. plus, new vatican rules for sexually abusive priests. critics charge they're too vague and much too late. and a huge fraud scheme based on faith. a judge is about to send this
8:39 pm
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the catholic church announce nude rules aimed at stopping sexual abuse of children by priests. critics say it is too little, too late. united nations commissioner for human rights said the catholic church must not sweep abuse by priests under the carpet. our report from rome now. take a listen. >> reporter: now these are new revisions to church law. really there is nothing new in here. it really just puts into law catholic church law, of course, what has already been established as vatican norms on fighting abuse. the pope now has the authority to defroch a priest without a formal vatican trial. the statute of limitations on abuse cases is extended from 10 to 20 years. now it also explicitly makes possession of child pornography
8:43 pm
a grave offense. and it makes it clear that the abuse of a mentally disabled adult is as serious an offense as an abuse of a minor. for many people the last two points really go without saying. but, this is the first time it has been codified and put into law. so this is really about clearing a way that vatican bureaucracy. making sure that bishops around the world know that this is binding law. and that those who break the law can and should be punished. here's what the vatican's chief prosecutor had to say about it. >> it is important to have a clear norm, especially that is talking about crime, every person has the right to know what the law says. and this is a very important point yet to make it clear to ever everybody. >> now the vatican may think this is a big step. but victims of church abuse are not happy. in fact, the support network for those abused by priests have
8:44 pm
already release aid statement, here's what they said. history has shown that church abuse policies are rarely followed. but even if these new guidelines are obeyed, their impact on the ongoing crisis is likely to be insignificant. defrocking a predator, by definition is too late. now what they want is a complete overhaul and reform. but frankly, the vatican is a massive often secretive bureaucracy operating the same way for hundreds of years. so reform and change is a slow process. let me bring in lisa miller, religion editor with "newsweek" and author of "heaven, our enduring fascination with the after life." lisa, give me your take on what happened and what you make of all this? >> actually i think there are some good points in the new rules. extending the statute of limitations a good thing. emphasizing child pornography, that's a good thing. the vatican really botched the
8:45 pm
messaging of this by combining these new rules with this, these other rules about female ordination, making that a crime. >> stop right there. let me explain that to other people. she didn't mention that part. it is getting a lot of attention. one of the rules makes it a grave crime against the church to even attempt to ordain a female priest. >> i would suggest to the vatican they come out strongly and say these are our new rules about sex abuse, some of them are really pretty good. they're not a massive overhaul like the victims' groups want. they're pretty good. instead they lump it together with making women's ordination a crime and many american catholics want women's ordination, western catholics want women's ordination. all of a sudden everyone is mad at the vatican. seem to be equating women's ordination with the abuse of children. that makes everybody mad and confused. why not do one thing, you know,
8:46 pm
say what the punishments are, new punishments are for abusing children, and then, like, let's not pretend, benedict is ever going to want to or dane women, he is not. address that later in a separate document. it was just a total pr botch job i think. >> is it just, much larger problem of the vatican being out of touch? >> totally. the vatican is a premodern organization. they don't, if they would say they're not, not a popularity contest. they believe they're doing what they believe is right. >> it's fascinating stuff. lisa, thank you for coming on sharing your insight. lisa miller. >> and take a look right now. we have the live video feed of the oil well in the gulf of mexico to show you the oil as we have been telling you. it finally stopped gushing. only a test right now. whatever happens nextch . we are going to bring the latest. heartland swindle. hundreds of christian investors lose their life savings to a faith based fraud when we come back.
8:47 pm
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no surprise americans don't trust wall street these days. the past to years have stripped their confidence right away. one of the reasons, hundreds of minnesota residents chose to invest their life savings with a pair of local money men. men who appealed to their faith in god. making their pitch on christian radio. but it was all a lie. a massive ponzi scheme that left many victims with nothing. here is poppy harlow's special investigation into their story of betrayal. >> reporter: a story of fraud. took in $190 m it its about trust, it as it bout faith and about the people that abused them.
8:50 pm
>> a lot of people that invested with them were bible believing christians, they didn't want wall street, they didn't want washington. they trusted people here at home. ♪ once upon a time in minneapolis ♪ >> he went after a target group of people. almost everybody i talked to, that was caught up in this i heard about. >> they all look you. >> very similar. their faith in the lord is what they're all about. >> reporter: were christianed targeted, faith-based people targeted in the fraud? >> any good fraud is going to leverage whatever means they can to get that trust connection there. >> i did it because i thought it was safe. little did i know, it is all gone.
8:51 pm
everything is gone. i have lost everything. and now i will be 62 in july. >> i can't even explain the feeling. my stomach. i felt like i was going to throw up. so, i don't know. it was just -- it's been rough. really rough. awe >> reporter: some of the conservative christians really feared was this, it was wall street, it was the big banks taking big risks with their life savings. pat and trevor were completely different. they were midwesterners, fellow christians, who offered safety and honesty above all else. >> there is no risk, riskless transactions. >> cook ran the operation telling investors he had a system to cash in on moves in the foreign currency market. he made it all look legitimate. starting with a place called the
8:52 pm
castle. all right, this its the van dusen mansion one of the classic old homes in minneapolis. trevor cook bought this and then he transformed it to look like a cutting edge trading operation with computer screens, flashing currencies from around the world. >> our technology can move billions and billions of dollars, within milliseconds last year. >> reporter: cook talked a good game. it was just an illusion. behind his high tech office and glossy brochures were a host of shell companies that sounded like global powerhouses. but were nothing of the sort. >> there is two rules, you know the first one, don't lose your clients' money. and the second rule is don't lose your clients' money. >> reporter: but they did, pretty much all of it. >> people agreed they invested in it because they thought it was safe. thought it was an alternative to what was out there.
8:53 pm
and what was out there at the time was crumbling. >> reporter: pat kylie, cook's business partner, he peddled their scheme on his show, "follow the money" broadcast over hundreds of christian radio stations. >> i believe the only senior economist and senior analyst in the united states that also uses a good book. >> reporter: we met one of kylie's former employ years, she didn't want to be identified, but told us how he worked. >> he was using the bible for marketing. he found out if some body was a pastor, minister or something. before the end of the sales call he was quoting the bible. ♪ i live life like the captain >> the security and exchange commission, accuses the two men of operating a ponzi scheme. >> all of our clients' funds are held in private segregated accounts and is liquid to you,
8:54 pm
24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> reporter: it wasn't. they pooled the money in shell companiesch using new accounts to pay out $51 million to investors that didn't get stiffed. and they lost nearly $50 million through their so-called risk-free trading program. all the while, giving investors phony statements showing solid gains. ♪ i promise >> reporter: this scheme lasted at least three years. by the time the government caught up with them, over $100 million had disappeared. >> bmw, lexus, collection of watches and fabrege eggs. cook pled guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion. he spent investors' money in ways that were decidedly unchristian. they would call up ladies of the
8:55 pm
evening, prostitutes, or whatever you call them and have them come in. >> reporter: this was another side of trevor cook, the heavy drinking, frequenting strip clubs and even several arrests. one for assaulting an escort at this minnesota hotel. one of the biggest questions, doing the story, reporting on it who is watching who is responsible, who are the regulators? wouldn't it make sense to have enforcers on the ground in minnesota that become part of the community, get to know the local businesses, watch out for things like this? >> well, i think in theory it would be great if we had people every place. the reality, sec has not even 1,000 people in its enforcement division to cover the country. nobody is going to protect you
8:56 pm
these folks except yourself. >> reporter: we left chicago and headed back to the victims. >> god doesn't stop things from happening in the world. they can take your money but they can't take who you are. poppy harlow is with me right now. poppy what happens next? >> let's talk about pat kylie, christian radio show host. called him many times. he won't answer the phone. his lawyer told us he had no idea what was going on. he said pat kylie never expected there was anything wrong with the investments and continued to believe he was doing good for all his clients. we will see is as the a criminal investigation into him and civil charges. as for trevor cook, he cop aid plea deal, amassed 25 years in prison is what he can get. he will be sentence aid week from monday, july 26th. investors are furious he has a plea deal. the most he could get is 25 years. they lost everything. they're pushing to get that sentence moved until some of the money is recovered. so far they have literally just found pennies on the dollar for all the people.
8:57 pm
>> wow, what a tough situation. great story. thank you very much. appreciate it. for more of poppy harlow's investigation of the faith based fraud including video and interviews. go to larry king live starts in a to minutes. up next, the latest from the gulf. it doesn't take much; an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident... in their ability to be ready with cialis.
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